March 2012

Volume 1, Issue 3

A Letter from the Editors

Being from Everett, Revere was always that “city with the beach” As kids, you didn’t hang out with other kids from Revere, mainly because, well they were from Revere. Of course, that’s changed now, and it is certainly for the better. Click here to read more…

Mayor Rizzo provides pride, promise, and protection for Revere residents

I met Dan Rizzo in his insurance office just five days before he took office as Mayor of Revere this past January. The local businessman offered quite blunt commentary about his desire to foster community pride, promise, and protection for Revere residents.

To be honest, it wasn’t what I had come to expect from the politicians that I had interviewed over the years. He quite simply declared that the city had an image problem, but he believed his incoming administration had the solutions and was prepared to restore Revere to the days of its greatest glory.

I’ve followed Rizzo in these early days, and recently had the opportunity to once again sit down with the optimistic Mayor for another in-depth interview. Three months later, he feels his administration has worked hard to towards creating the best community possible for the residents that placed their trust in his election to office.

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Is a casino in the NoBo Region a good bet? It all depends on who’s coming to the table…

While many in the NoBo region, politicians, government officials and economic development advisors, are busy working on the Super Package for East Boston, it’s important to follow the lead of Revere’s Mayor Dan Rizzo.

Rizzo is adamant about building Revere into more than just a casino host community, and he’s right.

The first woman to be elected from her district, Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein succeeded her father, the late William G. Reinstein following a six-month battle with cancer. Now serving her seventh term, Reinstein holds the fourth highest-ranking position representing portions of Revere, Chelsea, and Saugus.

While the political landscape was familiar, it was simply unattractive to Reinstein who was a twenty-seven year old recent graduate of Emerson College’s Graduate School of Communication at the time she was sworn into office.

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CND fosters cleaner image and brighter future for the Shirley Ave neighborhood

Their mission is clear. The Chelsea Neighborhood Developers (CND) builds vibrant and diverse neighborhoods for families with a mix of incomes with homes that are affordable and where residents invest in the social fabric of the community.

In an area long-known for its rich history and more recently for its tattered image, CND is helping to reshape and redefine the Shirley Avenue neighborhood of Revere, fostering a cleaner image and brighter future for its residents and businesses.

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Belle Isle Marsh Reservation offers reflective sanctuary to Revere residents

The Belle Isle Marsh Reservation is the City of Boston’s last remaining salt marsh, preserving 152 acres of a 241-acre site situated between Revere, Winthrop, and East Boston. The reservation is quite small compared to other DCR properties, but is certainly a unique place to explore as it exemplifies the type of wetlands that lined the Massachusetts Bay Colony shore before much of it was developed.

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Kelly’s on the Beach: A Revere institution

Since 1951, Kelly’s Roast Beef has become nothing short of the Revere institution remaining that truly represents the beach nostalgia and glory days of America’s first public beach. Now expanded to include five Massachusetts locations, Kelly’s Roast Beef has provided more than six decades of family tradition and memories that have lasted a liftetime for so many NoBo residents.

Kelly’s is open 363 days a year, and provides their dedicated customers with the most consistent, top-notch roast beef sandwiches, seafood, and other favorites visitors have come to know and expect.

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A Brief History of Revere Beach

The ideal bathing beach, the historic Revere Beach Reservation looks out to Massachusetts Bay just a few miles north of the City of Boston, and has the distinct honor of being America’s first public beach.

In 1895, the Massachusetts State Legislature ordered the taking of nearly three miles of private seacoast land, forming what is now referred to as Revere Beach Reservation. The Metropolitan Park Commission was entrusted with the land in 1896, and a little known landscape designer was chosen to design the reservation to ensure its best use by the public.

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The NoBo Irish Pub Crawl

As a fellow “Irishman”, I’ve frequented many of the pubs north of Boston. Join us as we set off on the NoBo Irish Pub Crawl in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! We’ve started close to Boston in Somerville and Malden, and worked our way up the North Shore coast.

Some have traditional Irish music, but all have great pub ambiance and beer selections. We’ve started close to Boston in Somerville and Malden, and worked our way up the North Shore coast.

Always remember to drink responsibly, and have a designated driver!

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DCR Spring Hikes to be held at Breakheart & the Middlesex Fells

The Department of Conservation and Recreation have begun hosting their annual spring hikes in both the Breakheart Reservation of Saugus and the Middlesex Fells Reservations which stretches from Stoneham to Medford.

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Create a Stunning Three-Season New England Garden

With the changing of seasons upon us, many will soon see beautiful tulips, daffodils, and lilacs, but there’s nothing worse than seeing your garden come next fall, empty of stunning colors of spring.

With just a few simple tips, even the most novice of gardeners can create a stunning New England flower garden that blooms from spring into the fall.

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Spring Spots in the City of Boston

Looking for the perfect way to get outside? From Fenway Park to the Arnold Aboretum, check out one of these five spots that are a sure bet to soak up some spring in the City of Boston!

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