January 2012

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Volume 1, Issue 1

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A Tale of Two Libraries

It’s a throwback to the idea of how most adults envision a library: dimly lit aisles of books from the floor to well above your head, the antique leather smell, and a true sense of quiet solitude. It’s a library from the movies, where all you hear are the creaks of old wooden chairs and the occasional rustling of newspapers.
Thirty years ago, this was perfect. Today, it is certainly quaint, but not a reflection of everything a modern library should be. What’s promising is that the Shute Library, Everett’s longstanding additional branch to its centrally located Parlin Memorial Library, will soon receive the major overhaul necessary to bring the building into the 21st century.
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A Conversation with Carlo DeMaria, Mayor of the City of Everett

Following his third inaugural address at the start of the New Year, I sat down with the Mayor in his corner office at city hall to discuss his overwhelming reelection, the initiatives he’s championed over his two terms, and where the city is going as he continues to “move Everett forward”.

“We’ve done a decent enough job of grabbing a handle of the city’s operations in these first four years, and I know that we’ve done a good job despite a tough hand being dealt,” DeMaria began. “But there’s always more to be done.”
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Moving On and Leaving One’s Hometown

After living in a community for nearly twenty-seven years, it was a frightening endeavor to make the decision to move on and leave my hometown last spring. Leaving such familiar surroundings that felt so exclusive and intimate seemed truly unthinkable.

I saw greener pastures just seven miles north. An opportunity to begin that new chapter of my life so many people said awaited me. While many would think a move of such close proximity would not be difficult, my connection and pride for the City of Everett runs deep.
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A love affair with Elm Street Bakery

When you ask most people about the city of Everett, there’s always a few recurring thoughts that come to mind. They mention the city’s love for their schools and the Everett Crimson Tide. They discuss their industrial history and urban atmosphere. They recall the many sub shops, pizza parlors, and hair salons that dot the commercial streets of the city.

Many will recall their love for one of the best local bakeries in the Commonwealth, Elm Street Bakery.
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Bucci’s is back, and better than ever!

My love affair with Bucci’s dates back to the mid 90’s when I would stop into the local deli and market when walking home after school each day.

The employees, many parents of my own friends from school and the neighborhood, had truly cared for us kids that stopped in each and every afternoon. Treating and watching out for us at times as if they were our own parents.

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The Crimson Tide: A force to be reckoned with

From their screaming fans to the monstrous waves of crimson adorning the walls of their stadium, one instantly knows that football is more than a sport in Everett. It’s more than a passion. It’s a way of life for thousands of proud Crimson Tide fans around the Commonwealth.

Everett is so densely populated that utilizing the city’s sporting programs and parks are one of the best options to keeps kids active, healthy, and out of trouble. After years of grooming and practice in youth football, the young men of Everett High School join the ranks of the Crimson Tide, a tremendous program with a track record unparalleled by any other in the state of Massachusetts.
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The New Everett Veterans Memorial Stadium: A Reflection of Champions

While not yet open to the public, driving by the refurbished entrance to the Everett Veterans Memorial Stadium is simply spectacular. With various infrastructure improvements over the last several years, the Everett High School Crimson Tide finally have a stadium fit for their growing number of championship seasons.

Visible from Revere Beach Parkway and just outside of Everett Square, the refurbished stadium will become a remarkable centerpiece for the City of Everett. The stadium’s original entrance, which housed a ticket booth, concession stand and bathroom, has been closed for years due to serious structural issues.

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A Brief History of Everett

Ralph Sprague and his brothers Richard and William crossed the Mystic River in 1629, becoming the first Anglo explorers to search the area we know today as Everett.

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Everett & the American Revolution

Whether you paid attention in history class or visited a historic site associated with the American Revolution scattered around Boston, chances are you remember the infamous shot heard round the world, and how it set off a revolution that shaped the modern world.

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Everett’s Most Beloved Son, the Honorable George Keverian

Speaker George Keverian was a prominent politician and one of Everett’s most beloved sons, and is forever remembered today by the thousands of students who have and continue to attend the school that bears his name.

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Looking Back at Community News in Everett

For more than a century, residents and community leaders have turned to a number of local publishers for news that informed and commentary that enlightened. Over the last several years, I have had the opportunity of working with a number of local papers.
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