Cowan delivers Farewell Address on Senate Floor

My Approved PortraitsWASHINGTON, DC – On Wednesday, Senator William “Mo” Cowan (D-MA) went to the floor of the United States Senate to deliver his farewell address and mark the end of his tenure.  Cowan expressed his deep gratitude to his fellow colleagues and thanked the people of the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the honor to serve on their behalf.

Senator Cowan was appointed to the United States Senate by Governor Deval L. Patrick on February 1, 2013, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of John F. Kerry.

The following quote has been taken from Senator Cowan’s address as delivered:

“Mister President, I rise today in my final full work week, and not yet 150 days into my Senate career, yet at the precipice of the close of that career.  On January 30th of this year, Governor Deval Patrick sent me to this chamber to represent the people of Massachusetts and their interests.  Yesterday on June 25th, those same people took to the voting booths and called me home.

And in doing so they called Senator-Elect Ed Markey to the high honor of serving in this august body.

After 37 distinguished years in the House, Senator-Elect Markey now has the opportunity to offer his voice, wisdom, accumulated experiences, humor, esprit de corps, and tireless commitment to justice and equality to the United States Senate.

And I, for one, believe that Massachusetts and the country will be better for it.  Like the majority of Massachusetts voters who expressed themselves yesterday, I am quite confident that Senator-Elect Markey will serve with distinction and act in the best interests of the citizens he now is privileged to represent.

The Senator-Elect bested a strong candidate who brought a new voice and – yes – a new visage to the Massachusetts political scene.”

Click here to read the entire speech. The video below was provided courtesy of C-SPAN.


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