App of the Week: NoBo runs on Dunkin Donuts!

By Keith Spencer

Dunkin’ Donuts devotees can forget about their cash and plastic, and speed up their stop simply by flashing their smartphone, a great feature on the chain’s new official app for the iPhone and Droid.

Users simply open the app, pull up their barcode, and allow the cashier to scan. It’s that simple.

The app also allows you to send virtual gift cards via text, email and Facebook, view a menu, and get nutritional facts. In addition, Dunkin’ app users can store, purchase, and add funds to their Dunks gift cards as well as obtain nutritional information, a menu, and locate the nearest franchise to them.

Most customers will agree that New England definitely “runs on Dunkin’ Donuts” with millions visiting their local stores during their busy morning commutes and through out the day.

The Canton, Massachusetts based company believes their new app will offer these customers shorter wait times, a truly valuable commodity today. According to the company, half of the chain’s U.S. customers use smartphones, leading nearly all of their 7,000 locations in the US to begin accepting payments using the app.

While the app is clearly a leap forward into the smartphone generation for Dunks, users may fear storing their credit card information on their phone, leaving a lost/stolen device or a naive user ripe for hacking.

It is certainly a concern of my own, however, the app represents a growing trend among retailers in general. Starbucks has also recently released an app that performs the same function.

The app is free for download on the iPhone and the Droid.

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