House Leaders push for sales tax holiday Aug. 11 & 12

BEACON HILL – House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo and House Committee on Ways and Means Chairman Brian Dempsey are pushing for a sales tax holiday in August to provide relief to consumers and stimulus to local merchants as they continue to struggle through the current economic downturn.

A vote hasn’t been scheduled yet on the bill as it is currently being polled by the House Committee on Ways and Means. Before it goes into effect, the bill must be approved by the House and Senate and earn the signature of Governor Deval Patrick.

The joint statement released Wednesday reads as follows:

“With folks across the Commonwealth continuing to struggle through the economic downturn, we are proud to announce this legislation (currently being polled by the House Committee on Ways and Means) that creates a sales tax holiday on August 11th and 12th of this year. In these tough fiscal times, this sales tax holiday will provide relief to consumers while supporting local merchants. As in prior years, the House continues to show its support for local businesses, which keep jobs in Massachusetts.”


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