Revere Police Dept. launches new website features

REVERE – The Revere Police Department is currently in the final stages of releasing a newly upgraded website that will help the public better access public safety services. The new site will include emergency notifications using social media, a YouTube channel, new translation services, and an online crime reporting system.

The Department is now using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to better engage the public. Citizens will be able to receive live emergency notifications over social media falling in line with efforts being made across the city to create better access to city services. The Department will also have a YouTube Channel where detectives can post security videos of crimes in order to obtain identities of suspects along with other community notices.

An important feature of the website will be Google Translate, which is a free statistical  translation service provided by Google to translate a section of text, document or webpage, into another language. Residents will be able to visit the website and directly translate all contents of the page into their specific language. With Revere’s growing and changing population this feature will continue to be hugely important for citizen’s ability to access city services.

One of the most useful features of the new website is the online reporting system where citizens can file or report minor crimes. Using this system residents can submit reports directly to the Police Department and print a copy immediately. Reports can be filed on a range of topics including; lost property, vandalism to a car, identity theft, lost or stolen debt or credit card and much more.

“It is my hope that by giving the community increased access to the department by using new technologies we can increase the quality of life for all Revere residents. We have been in the process of updating and modifying out website for the past several months and I am excited that it is up and running,” commented Chief Cafarelli.

The City of Revere’s will soon release its new website towards the end of the summer. This large-scale operation began almost a year ago and it has been a collaborative effort between many department heads within City Hall.

“I am glad that our Police Department is using social media and new technologies to engage the community. I am looking forward to getting our own city website up and running so we can better serve the public as a whole,” commented Mayor Rizzo.


The preceeding article was provided by the Office of Mayor Daniel Rizzo and the City of Revere Police Department.


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