13 Malden Stores Violate Bans on Tobacco Sales to Minors

MALDEN – The Mystic Valley Tobacco Alcohol Program, funded by a Mass Tobacco Control Program, has conducted its annual inspection and compliance check on all retail establishments to ensure Malden’s compliance with the Massachusetts ban on tobacco sales to minors.

Several Malden establishments were found to be in violation, having sold tobacco products to children under 18. Of the 20 establishments that sell alcohol and tobacco products in Malden, a total of 13 establishments were found to be in violation.

“This is what can happen when important enforcement and education programs are cut. Thankfully the Department of Public Health has been able to fund and staff the Tobacco Control Coordinator position that is so vital to education of the merchants and citizens,” said Board of Health Director Chris Webb, “Increased education and enforcement results will be reviewed by the Board of Health and continued non-compliance will result in permit suspension or revocation.”

“I would like to see our businesses doing all they can to discourage young people from smoking,” added Mayor Christenson.

Fines of $100 have been leveraged to the following businesses:

  • Elmwood Pharmacy, 299 Pleasant St.

  • Kappy’s, 77 Commercial St.

  • Lyons Liquors, 188 Ferry St.

  • Malden & Melrose Liquors, 619 Broadway

  • Oak Grove Variety, 9A Grove St.

  • Quarry Stone Convenience, 10 Overlook Ridge Dr.

  • Ricci Liquor Mart, 834 Main St.

  • Robinson’s, 1556 Eastern Ave.

  • Salem Market, 375 Salem St.

  • Stop & Shop, 99 Charles St.

  • Store 33, 33 Pleasant St.

  • Summer St. Fruit, 72 Summer St.

  • Vernon Liquors, 673 Eastern Ave.


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