PHOTOS: A Day Aboard the USS Wasp

USS WASP – On Thursday, NoBo Magazine Editor-in-Chief Keith Spencer and staff photographer Kyle Spencer boarded the USS Wasp (LDH-1) as special guests of the United States Navy as the amphibious assault ship arrived in Boston Harbor for Navy Week.

The USS Wasp is the largest of 20 U.S. and coalition ships taking part in Boston Navy Week, the length of three football fields and weighing more than 40,000 tons. The ship’s primary mission is the support of a Marine Landing Force.

The Wasp has 1,075 officers and enlisted sailors, and can embark up to 2,200 Marines. 170 Marines were on board to attend and showcase the USMC’s partnership with the Navy.

Be sure to check as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages through out the day for updates and photos. A full-length feature will be available later on Friday.

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All Photos © 2012 NoBo Magazine/Keith Spencer/Kyle Spencer