The NoBo Priority Report: June 24 to July 1

By Jeannine Stanley

It’s hard to believe that June is already coming to a rapid close. As we approach the hottest months of summer, take a break inside to stay cool and get your entertainment fill under the guidance of the NoBo Priority Report!

If it isn’t steamy enough for you outside, the “Channing Tatum stripper movie” will be released later this week as well as the raunchy, cuddly Ted, created by Family Guy and New England’s own Seth McFarlane.  The final season of the Showtime series Weeds debuts as well as the 27th season of MTV’s The Real World, sending participants and viewers to the sunny beaches of St. Thomas. For those heading to the beach, load up your iPod with new releases from rock bands Maroon 5, Everclear, and the Flaming Lips.

So sit back, relax, and let NoBo Magazine guide you to the best in this week’s entertainment!

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Magic Mike

To be release in theaters on Fri. June 29

Dubbed “The Channing Tatum stripper movie”, this film is partly based on the actors’ real life experiences as a stripper in Tampa when he was just 19 years old.  Magic Mike is moving on from the stripping game, leaving the Xquisite club (owned by Matthew McConaughey) and training a new hire (Alex Pettyfer) so he can go on to bigger and better things.  Check Magic Mike out this summer, and see what Channing Tatum was up to before America’s fascination with him.


To be release in theaters on Fri. June 29

Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, is making his directorial debut with this film, about John, a Boston guy (Mark Wahlberg) who years ago wished for his teddy bear to come to life, and has been dealing with him ever since.  This film has a North of Boston connection; Ted was filmed both in Boston and in Swampscott, with Massachusetts native Wahlberg and Connecticut native MacFarlane bringing New England to the big screen.  MacFarlane plays Ted, a stuffed bear, who is a crass, vulgar and lazy, and constantly getting in John’s way.  This should be a very interesting movie, and with all the NoBo connections, one that you should see right away!

People Like Us

To be release in theaters on Fri. June 29

Every summer movie season needs a tear-jerker, and this film does not disappoint.  Chris Pine plays Sam, a fast talking salesman who flys home to Los Angeles for the funeral of his father.  He finds out that his father had another child, an alcoholic 30-year-old sister (played by Elizabeth Banks) and her 12-year-old son.  Sam has to find her and bring the inheritance his father left her.  Michelle Pfieffer also stars.

Mirror Mirror

Available on DVD, Blu-Ray & Download on Tues. June 26

We all know the story: beautiful orphan, evil queen, 7 dwarfs, etc.  What makes this new spin interesting is the comedy-fantasy aspect, which makes this much more lighthearted than previous takes.  Compared to the much darker and sinister Snow White and the Huntsman, this is definitely one you can take the kids to.

21 Jump Street

Available on DVD, Blu-Ray & Download on Tues. June 26

In a reprise of the role that made Johnny Depp famous, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill star as goofy cops who look just young enough to go back to high school as undercover agents trying to crack a drug ring.  Boasting several up and coming talents from comedies like Parks and Recreation (Ron Swanson is a police chief?) and Bridesmaids (Becca, the naïve newlywed), as well as James Franco’s little brother Dave (of the last season of Scrubs).

Wrath of the Titans

Available on DVD, Blu-Ray & Download on Tues. June 26

A great loud blockbuster sequel to 2010’s Clash of the Titans, this features Zeus, Perseus, Hades, Poseidon and the rest of the crew.  Earth is growing uninterested in gods, and the imprisoned titans are getting restless.  Saving the world is hard, even if you’re a mythical god.


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U.S. Olympic 2012 Team Trials: Swimming

Tues. June 26 at 8PM on NBC

Here at NoBo, we are getting VERY excited for this summer’s Olympic Games, and are eagerly consuming every bit of pre-Olympic coverage.  Swimming has long been a fan favorite and we’ve had dozens of memorable personalities over the years, from Greg Louganis to Michael Phelps.  Who will be this years “it” swimmer?  Tune in Tuesday to find out, and don’t forget to check out NoBo’s Summer Olympics coverage as the games get closer this summer!

The Real World: St. Thomas

Premieres Wed. June 27 at 10PM on MTV

This is the 27th season of the Real World.  I’ll wait for you to catch your breath.  The series that many of us grew up on, from Pedro in the very first season to Irene and her Lyme disease-induced psychosis, to the hot firefighters from Boston and everyone else, these people have been a part of many of our lives for a long time.  Its come to the point where the show is now referencing itself, and all of those “strangers picked to live in a house” are very aware of using the show as a vehicle for becoming a celebrity.  This season takes us to sunny St. Thomas, where most of the fighting, vomiting, and naval grazing at least has a beautiful backdrop.  Check out the newest set of strangers on Wednesday night!


Final Season premieres Sun. July 1 at 10PM on Showtime

Nancy Botwin has taken us on a wild ride in the last 8 seasons.  Marrying Mexican drug lords, fleeing the country several times, doing jail time and murdering meddling bitches can be exhausting!  In the last season, we saw her and her seemingly happy, jumbled family enjoying a barbecue while a sniper closed in on her head and shot.  While its highly unlikely she’s dead, drama will most likely ensue for the extended Botwin family.  The ultimate hustler, Nancy may have to save the day yet again in some illegal fashion, all the while drinking ice coffee and rolling her eyes.


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Overexposed by Maroon 5

Available on CD and download Tues. June 26

It seems as though Adam Lavine and company have produced at least a dozen albums, however, Overexposed, out this Tuesday, is only the fourth.  Both Songs About Jane (2002) and It Won’t Be Soon Before Long (2007) gave birth to dozens of hit singles, and Maroon 5 are the owners of 3 Grammy awards.  Their latest album, is a mashup of several different genres: Pop, dirty Rock, R&B, but they never commit to one.  The first single “Payphone” is catchy and pretty, but not indicative of the others on the album, which are to be honest, a little lackluster.

Write Me Back by R. Kelly

Available on CD and download Tues. June 26

Out of the perpetual closet that he’s been singing in, R. Kelly releases his 11th studio album.  The “King of R&B” Write Me Back is the follow-up to Love Letter, where R. Kelly celebrated the songs of the 1950s and 60s, and this album is packed with sounds of love reminiscent of Barry White, Marvin Gaye and others.  In addition to this latest release, Kelly is also working on the soundtrack for Sparkle, starring Whitney Houston in her last role.

Invisible Stars by Everclear

Available on CD and download Tues. June 26

I wanted to love this album, being a huge fan of Everclear since their inception back in the 1990s.  But unlike the boys in Everclear, my tastes have evolved.  The jaded cynicism has stayed, but sounds tired now, as does frontman Art Alexakis, who says that this album “is from the perspective of someone who has ridden the roller coaster and has gotten back in line” Everclear may soon have to think about exiting the amusement park.

The Flaming Lips & Heady Fwends by The Flaming Lips

Available on CD and download Tues. June 26

The friends refered to include Yoko Ono, Nick Cave, Bon Iver, Ke$ha, Edward Sharpe, Erikah Badu and Jim James, among many others on this new release, recorded in between the Flaming Lips never-ending touring schedule.  It’s a unique sound is similar to the sonic, trippy fun sounds of the Flaming Lips.  This album is pretty fantastic, and definitely could be on a heavy rotation this summer!


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Yes Chef by Marcus Samuelsson

Available in bookstores and online Tues. June 26

Overcoming adversity is a common theme in many of our literature selections, two this month especially.  But, what if instead of getting past things like difficult gymnastics coaches, you were fighting for your life?  This is the story of Marcus, a boy from Ethopia who fought to overcome tuberculous and at 4 years old, loses his entire family except for his sister, with whom he is adopted by a family in Sweden.  From there, he falls passionately in love with the art of cooking, taught to him by his new Swedish grandmother.  From this humble beginning, Marcus Samuelsson became world-famous at the young age of 24 and has dozens of accolades, including the honor of cooking for the President.  Read about his life long obsession with, as he calls it “chasing flavors”, and the rise from scared 4-year-old to world-renowned chef.

The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker

Available in bookstores and online Tues. June 26

A first time author gets a million-dollar advance for this book, which has already sold the movie rights? Sign us up!  Karen Thompson Walker weaves the tale of Julia, an 11 year-old girl on the cusp of becoming a teenager at the same time as a unique even starts to occur on earth.  At first, nobody really notices that they days are getting longer, but eventually, it becomes evident that the Earth’s rotation is slowing.  First, birds fall out of the sky, then gravity starts to feel different.  People start to ignore the old 24-hour schedule and live in “real time” and ignore clocks.  While all this is occurring, Julia is head-over-heels with a skater boy whose mother is dying, and she is also simultaneously trying to keep her parent’s marriage from falling apart.  This book is elegant and beautiful, and sure to be reviewed soon in the Priority Reports’ movie section soon!

Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand

Available in bookstores and online Tues. June 26

As the summer approaches, kids from Nantucket High are celebrating graduation and their new lives around a beach bonfire.  But a terrible accident involving 4 friends and a set of twins, the Alistairs.  Sister Penny is killed on impact, and her brother is in a coma, and the other two escape unharmed but shaken and overwhelmed.  As the small town mourns, Hilderbrand weaves the tale of betrayal, sorrow, broken promises and secrets among the families involved.  A great beach read for this summer, especially if that entails a trip to Nantucket!

The Receptionist: An Education at the New Yorker by Janet Groth

Available in bookstores and online Tues. June 26

Hired by E.B. White, Groth tells the tale of being a woman in the late 1950s and beyond, through the eyes of the reception desk at the iconic magazine for 21 years.  She met everyone, including Truman Capote, Woody Allen, and John Berryman.  Her stories are intimate without being gossipy, and her love for her position is clear.  While Groth went on to receive her masters and doctorate, and even teach at the University of Cincinnati, she doesn’t spend a lot of the memoir on those times, but instead details the magic and drama of the New Yorker in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.


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