Photos: Hellcat Swamp Nature Trail at the Parker River Wildlife Refuge

Spanning the NoBo Region: 5 Easy-Breezy Hikes

Hike #1: Hellcat Nature Trail at Parker River

By Keith Spencer

NEWBURY/PLUM ISLAND – The Hellcat Swamp Nature Trail is a perfect way to catch glimpses of the roaring, Atlantic coastline, the numerous sand dunes with its dense vegetation and beach thickets, and the inland salt marshes. When combined, it’s simply one of the greatest places on the planet.

In general, the Parker River wildlife Refuge is one of the most beautiful spots in the NoBo region, offering both access to the fantastic coastline and marshy inland areas of Newbury and Ipswich.

Be sure to ask for a Hellcat Swamp Trail nature guide available at the entrance station. A daily entrance fee of $5/car $2/walk or bike on is in effect year-round at the Plum Island section of the Parker River Wildlife Refuge.

For a map of the refuge, please click here. For a list of refuge regulations, please click here. For an update on the birds that are currently being seen at the refuge, click here. If you have further questions, visit their official website or call (978) 465-5753.



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