Apps of the Week: Going tech to better the camping experience

By Keith Spencer

Despite a potential for unruly weather, spring is the perfect time to go camping given the cooler temperatures and has always been one of my preferred times of year to get out into the wilderness. With summer fast approaching, families and outdoor enthusiasts alike may be planning and preparing for their vacations into the vast wilderness of New England and beyond.

While many wish to escape the chains and shackles of modern technology by escaping to varied camping destinations, there are so many apps for your smartphone and tablet devices that can bolster the camping experience for all. Check out my suggestions below!


Woodall’s RV & Camping Copilot

With information from over 12,000 different camp sites around the North America, Woodall’s RV & Camping Copilot is the ultimate app to find the best site for you. Whether you’re looking to prop up your tent or park your RV, this free guide offers everything you need to know, including information on recreational activities, pet rules, swimming areas, Wi-Fi hotspots, pricing, directions, and so much more!


Coleman Camping Cookbook

Ever since my days in scouting, I have always planned more elaborate menus when camping family style for more than one evening. These trips require a bit more comfort, especially when traveling with your family, little ones, or a larger group in general. The Coleman Camping Cookbook is the perfect way to make the best use of your Coleman stove with camping friendly recipes. They may not necessarily be the greatest or most gourmet ideas, but it’s a good start for novice campers and cooks. Click here to download it from the iTunes store.


StarWalk: 5 Star Guide to the Stars

What would a camping trip be without a walk to stare at the stars? This app is an exciting way to look at the heavens. The Star Spotter, real-time motion tracking tells you what stars are above you in the sky. You can also check out a calendar of celestial events, gauk at Pictures of the Day, and search about nearly every astronomical topic you can ponder. To download the app from the iTunes store, click here.


Survival Guide

For those campers never involved with scouting or the military, this app is the perfect way to make sure you survive should you get lost, stranded, or injured out in the wilderness. This free guide is a survival field manual packed with common sense knowledge to keep you alive out there. In the case of a real emergency, the guide is quite dense and may not be a quick reference point, however, it certainly is a great way to always Be Prepared. Click here to download from the iTunes store.


Coleman: The Creepy Campfire Tales Book

What can I say? I’m a sucker for a Coleman product. This app is perfect for those families looking for appropriate yet creepy tales for their next camping trip. The collection even comes with sound effects that further bring these scary tales to life. It’s available for download in the iTunes store.


Previous Apps of the Week: Watching the Weather

There’s nothing worse than being unprepared for inclement weather when on a camping trip. Check out this previous Apps of the Week post focused on watching the weather.


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