Melrose man arrested in Winchester after fleeing State Police

MELROSE -According to the Massachusetts State Police, a Melrose man fled troopers on Saturday evening after being questioned at Sandy Beach Reservation in Winchester. Michael Braganca, 22, took off into the woods, scaling fences and entering a residential neighborhood in an attempt to evade police.

At 5:45PM, Sergeant Kevin Bibeau was walking a foot patrol of the Sandy Beach Reservation in the Town of Winchester when he came upon three people fishing on the shoreline. Bibeau asked if they had obtained proper fishing permits, and noticed an open bottle of beer and several other empty containers. The Trooper asked for their identification while instructing them to go to the parking lot to put the beer away in their vehicle.

When walking back to the parking lot, Bibeau made a warrant check when the suspect began to flee the scene, walking into the woods. Bibeau drove his cruiser to the main gate and caught up with
the suspect who was wanted for an active felony, default warrant.

Braganca took off into the woods, began to scale fences, and eventually ran into a residential neighborhood where Winchester Police Officer Thomas Romeo helped assist in Braganca’s ultimate arrest. The suspect was taken into custody, turned over to the State Police, and arraigned in Woburn District Court on Monday morning for the following charges:

  • Warrant

  • Disorderly Conduct

  • Resisting Arrest

  • MDC/Alcohol Violation

The suspect has been held without bail.


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