Malden PD using YouTube to capture crooks

MALDEN – As reported on Fox 25 News last week, the Malden Police Department is now using YouTube videos in an effort to resolve criminal cases.

“Catching criminals by posting them in the act on YouTube, a medium used by many, is an ingenious idea,” said Mayor Christenson in a press release lauding recent coverage of the”simple and cost effective” tactic.

“Traditionally we have only used newspapers and television news outlets to request the public’s assistance in solving crimes. By using the Internet, especially social media sites like YouTube, we are able to access a larger, more diverse population and provide them with a continuous opportunity to view crime video that they may have otherwise missed from traditional news outlets,” said Detective Pete Mitchell.

Recently, security cameras have been installed throughout Malden in an effort to both deter crime and to catch perpetrators.

Video from the cameras that capture criminal acts are now being uploaded to the Police Department’s YouTube channel with a description of the person being sought along with a number to call. Tips may also be logged in at the Police Department website at, and can be anonymous if the caller prefers. Residents can also follow along on Twitter to receive updates of when new videos are uploaded.

Malden Police use social networks for public safety:

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