Apps of the Week: Spring Cleaning Simplified

By Keith Spencer

It’s that time of year again, and while some revel in the chance to begin anew, others simply dread knowing the daunting tasks that come along with the arrival of spring. In an age of growing dependency on technology, spring cleaning is certainly not exempt from it’s reach.

As warmer weather continues this week, open your windows, start cleaning out your closets, and get prepared for the coming months of wonderful weather. Check out these five essential apps to help you clean up, get organized, and stay on the right track for future cleaning.


1.    Good Housekeeping @Home

For more than a century, the experts at Good Housekeeping have been the go-to resource for homeowners, and their new iPhone app brings all their best ideas to your fingertips. This free application is incredibly easy to use and navigate. Start busting tough stains or learn the best way to attack a new decorating or cleaning project with this free application, available in the iTunes app store.


2.    Clean Freak

This app is perfect for someone like me. “Designed by working pares, the Clean Freak uses the ‘divide-and-conquer’ approach to keeping the home clean.” It features a rotating checklist that shows the number of days since it was last done. There are sections for every 2, 4, or 8 rotations. Tasks may be added or deleted as well as be moved among sections. The application is available for the iPhone and costs $.99.


3. The Laundry Pal

Perfect for your boyfriend or girlfriend who never you’re your laundry right or that roommate who just moved away from home, the Laundry Pal offers hints and tips on getting the best results for your laundry. It features a gallery of fabric care symbols for washing, drying, ironing, bleaching, tumble or dry-cleaning, as well as other general hints and tipcs. Both a free, lite version of the app as well as a $.99 full feature vesion are available in the iTunes app store for the iPhone.


4.    Home Routines

Similar to the CleanFreak app but with a better template and graphics, the HomeRoutines app allows users to “take charge of [their] recurring household tasks”. You can create routine checklists, complete them on your chosen days of the week, and set reminder notifications to keep on track. The “focus zones” section allows you to add rooms and tasks according to your living space. Get on track using this app, and “you’ll never have to spring clean again!” Both the iPhone and a separate iPad version are now available in the iTunes app store for $4.99.


5.    House Maintenance Schedule

Available for the iPhone and iPad, this app is perfect for anyone looking to keep track of your biggest investment: a home. Upon about the layout and contents of your home, the app will alert you to items that are in need of inspection or potential repair based on the information entered into the preset schedules. Keep track of multiple homes and synch data between all your Apple® devices. Even add photos to keep track of services and associated costs and even print reports. All for just $1.99 for the Android and $4.99 for the iPhone/iPad.


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