Tufts grad students to study old high school redevelopment

EVERETT – Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. and Director of Community and Economic Development Marzie Galazaka recently agreed to use the services of Tufts University graduate students to study the former Everett High School on Broadway for redevelopment.  The students are currently enrolled in the University’s Environmental Policy and Planning program.

The primary goal of the project is to analyze the range of potential reuse strategies for the old high school to be submitted to the Mayor and the Everett High School Re-Use Committee.  While the school currently houses the Everett Boys and Club, the graduate students’ work will help the re-use committee evaluate and improve the Request for Proposal (RFP) process as well as help develop a future proposal requests for the city.

The dual-purpose focus will develop a plan that incorporates the City’s use of the Field-house as a Health and Wellness facility, including retaining the Boys and Girls Club at the current site, as well as establish the building’s economic viability and it’s ability to contribute to the Everett tax base or revitalize the commercial district along Broadway.

Four graduate student researchers will conduct interviews and focus groups over the next three months with community stakeholders, elected officials, Chamber of Commerce officials, as well as key department heads.  The team of researchers will evaluate prior RFP’s issued by the City in order to complete their project and deliver a report to the Mayor’s office.

Ultimately the Mayor hopes this project will help in the re-use applications for the Old School. The High School Re-Use Committee did not accept any of the previous proposals submitted in the last two Request for Proposal cycles.


The preceeding article was provided by the Office of Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Jr. of Everett

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