Nearly 2,500 inspections complete, 116 possible illegal apartments identified in Everett

EVERETT – Fire Chief David Butler submitted the most recent Fire Inspection Report to Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. last week. Both the Mayor and Fire Chief continue to note the success of the program identifying potential hazardous properties and illegal rooming houses.

Officials have reported that most residents are also complementing the Fire Prevention Teams for their educational efforts helping homeowners keep their homes safe.

Of the 2,467 inspections completed, 116 properties have been identified with possible illegal apartments. Inspections are scheduled to continue through the spring and summer.

Fire Prevention Report Week Ending February 11th, 2012:

548 Properties Inspected

33 Properties identified with possible illegal basement apartments

4 properties with potential illegal single room occupancies

11 properties scheduled for follow up Fire Prevention Inspections due to noted violations.

1 –  property identified with possible Garage Apartment

28 – Properties referred to Inspectional Services.

The Inspection Unit also forwarded the report to the City’s Inspectional Services Department for follow up on additional code and building violations on several properties.

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