The Trustees Announce Crane Beach Parking Permit Program

IPSWICH – This past holiday, I was fortunate enough to receive a membership to The Trustees of Reservations.  As a resident of the NoBo Region and a lover of the outdoors, this was the perfect gift for me—and it can be for you, too.

The Trustees of Reservations is America’s oldest statewide land conservation organization.  Supported by members, donors, and volunteers, The Trustees own and manage 106 amazing “reservations” across the state.  The organization works tirelessly to protect our natural landscapes while providing education and events that promote healthy, active communities.

Most property entry fees, programs, and events are free of charge, but members receive discounts on those that are not.  Some great spots to visit in the NoBo region include Appleton Farms, Ravenswood Park, Misery Islands, Coolidge Reservation, Castle Hill on Crane Estate, Halibut Point, and Crane Beach, which has been voted “best beach in Massachusetts” by readers.

A Parking Permit sticker will allow members to park at Crane Beach for no additional charge from May 1, 2012–April 30, 2013, offering a significant savings for frequent beach visitors.  The parking sticker is available exclusively to Trustees members.  In addition to receiving entry fee and event discounts, being a member allows you to invest in the future of Massachusetts’ beautiful landscape.

The Trustees have announced the opening sales of Crane Beach parking permits for the 2012-2013 season.  Trustees members can purchase a parking sticker for just $50, now through March 16, 2012. After March 16, members can purchase stickers for $75.

Location: Crane Beach, The Crane Estate, Argilla Road, Ipswich

Log on to for membership information and a list of all 106 reservations.

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