Everett substance abuse coalition launches “Make The Difference” site

EVERETT –  A new web initiative, the Make The Difference site, was recently launched by the Everett Community Health Partnership – Substance Abuse Coalition (ECHP-SAC) as a community resource for substance abuse prevention and intervention.

Make the Difference website is a central location where parents, educators, and youth can go to learn about the coalition’s work, find out about upcoming events, and get access to local data and valuable resources for promoting healthy decisions among all Everett residents.

“We are thrilled to offer this resource to the Everett community.  The web site is a perfect complement to our existing efforts to increase the community’s understanding of the risks associated with substance use and abuse and to provide education and support for youth to resist alcohol and drug related pressures,” Coalition Program Director Jean Granick said.

“I am very proud of the work of the students and the collation members not only in putting together the site but also in the work they do on a daily basis,” said Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. “At the heart, I appreciate the organized, intelligent effort that will help convey the importance of substance abuse prevention.”

Since 2003, the coalition has been committed to bringing together and mobilizing the diverse community of Everett to address issues associated with substance abuse while promoting positive health and well-being, especially among our youth.

Through a range of prevention efforts, the coalition uses multiple strategies in multiple settings to change the social norms on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.

The coalition hopes to continue to add information about specific topic areas, update resource offerings, and announce upcoming events. Visitors are encouraged to take part in a monthly poll, share resources, and offer suggestions and ideas to ensure that it continues to reflect the needs and spirit of Everett. To learn more about the Evert Community Health Partnership – Substance Abuse Coalition, visit

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