Apps of the Week: Hitting the Campaign Trail

With tonight’s State of the Union address by the President and the Republican primaries in full swing and continued gusto, we thought we’d round-up the best apps that will let you hit the campaign trail without ever leaving the palm of your hand. Despite a lack of available mobile applications from the GOP candidates and the national party in general, these apps are the best way to keep political junkies and concerned citizens both informed and entertained!


The NY Times Election 2012 App

Available exclusively for the iPhone, this app has the latest and most up-to-date information about the 2012 election straight from the NY Times. News, opinion, polls and live election night results as well as other top sources from around the Web, this is certainly the best campaign coverage available for smartphones and its free (to start). In order to access full content, users are instructed to subscribe after viewing just the top six stories available. Download it from the iTunes store. For those who don’t have an iPhone, bookmark this link to get the latest in political news from the NY Times in a mobile format.


Obama 2012

The Obama 2012 app is the best way to stay in touch with the official re-election campaign of President Barack Obama. Available exclusively in the iTunes store, get the latest news and updates, photos & video, upcoming events, messages from the President and campaign staff and supporters, and even donate to the Democratic effort to retain the White House. Obama for America supporters certainly love the app, and is the one-stop place for everything they need to stay involved. The app is free and available only in the iTunes store.


The Democrats

With the Democrats App for iPhone and iPad, stay up to date and even get involved in the November election both from the palm of your hand or out in your community! Use the Election Central feature to stay informed about and involved with Democratic candidates in your district and state, and find events to connect with organizers and other supporters in your area. With the latest in political news, photos, and video, the Democrats App is certainly the best way for liberals to stay connected to their party this election season. The app is only available for free in the iTunes store.


Proud Republican

The Proud Republican app is undoubtedly the best app available to conservatives on the iPhone. Get an in-depth history lesson the GOP, get lists of local forums for like-minded users, check out news concerning the party and the 2012 election, and use their built-in geo-locator to determine your representative in Congress. The app also features three dozen patriotic backgrounds that can be used as wallpapers. The app is available in the iTunes store for $1.99.


Voting Card Republican

Available exclusively for the Android, the Voting Card Republican app keeps you connected with the policy and political developments of the GOP, including a countdown to the 2012 Presidential Election, up to the minute daily national political news for the party, a database allowing users to locate their elected officials in Congress, and access to Republican political party websites. The app is just $.99 in the Android Market, and is one of the few apps available for conservatives.


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