Ten NoBo communities receive $5 million for park creation and restoration

MASSACHUSETTS – Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray today announced more than $5 million in grants to enhance parks and recreational facilities in 10 communities throughout the NoBo region. The grants will fund projects in Chelsea, Everett, Gloucester, Haverhill, Lawrence, Lowell, Lynn, Revere, Salem, and Woburn.

“Parks are key resources that strengthen the fabric of communities across Massachusetts,” said Lt. Governor Murray in a statement. “By committing resources to our parks, our Administration and municipal partners are providing more recreational opportunities for people of all ages and effecting positive change in our neighborhoods and communities.”

The grants derive from two initiatives, the Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities Program (PARC) and the Gateway Cities Parks Program, both under the state’s Energy and Environmental Affairs office.

The PARC program aims to assist cities and towns in acquiring and developing land for park and outdoor recreation purposes. PARC grants are offered on a competitive basis and reimburse communities between 52 and 70 percent of the total project cost, determined by the municipal demographics, with a maximum grant award of $500,000.

Gateway City Parks Program provides municipal officials with funding options for all phases of park development, including activities and costs such as brownfield assessment and cleanup, park planning and recreational needs assessments, or acquisition, design and construction of parks, greenways and other recreational facilities.

“Public parks are essential to the health and economic well-being of our communities,” said Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Richard K. Sullivan, Jr. “Both of these programs have been key tools in helping revitalize our public spaces in communities across the Commonwealth.”

Since 2007, the Patrick Administration has invested more than $70 million resulting the creation or restoration of more than 150 parks across the Commonwealth.

The administration has also work to protect more than 88,000 acres of land since taking office, bring the statewide total to nearly 1.3 million permanently protected acres.


Projects supported with grants acquired under the Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities Program

  • Chelsea — Washington Park Redevelopment Project – $500,000 for the introduction of active recreation opportunities to the site, additional seating and gathering areas throughout the park, a linear trellis, additional plantings, new walking paths, retaining wall repairs, lighting, an irrigation system and the addition of 4,500 square feet of open space.

  • Gloucester — Newell Stadium Field Turf Installation – $500,000 for the installation of a synthetic, multi-purpose field and dedication of the 8.23 acres site as permanent parkland.

  • Lawrence — Campagnone (North) Common Renovations – $500,000 for the installation of a new play structure, a wide asphalt path around the play area, new plantings and benches and the renovation of two entry ways.

  • Lowell — Concord River Greenway:  Phase IIIA – $500,000 for the construction of the last segment of a paved path along the Concord River from Centennial Island back to the east side of the river, continuing north to the end at the Rogers Street Bridge.

  • Revere — Gibson Park Renovation Project – $140,000 for the addition of two new tennis courts, resurfacing of two existing courts, addition of an ADA accessible ramp from the parking lot, installation of ADA compliant sidewalks, replacement of fencing around tennis courts, replacement of a baseball backstop and the addition of a half basketball court.

  • Salem — Splaine Park – $420,946 for the removal of overgrown vegetation, the construction of a stone dust bike/walking path along the park perimeter, the enhancement of the two main entrances, the construction of play structures, the installation of a new baseball field and irrigation system and rebuilding of the bleachers and dugouts.

  • Woburn — Whispering Hill Woods – $500,000 for the development of a new park that includes a multi-purpose natural turf field, a parking area and the restoration of an existing garage into a storage facility.


Projects supported with with grants under the Gateway City Parks Program:

  • Everett — Glendale Park Renovation – $500,000 for the installation of a new synthetic field, athletic and pedestrian lights, irrigation and drainage systems, benches and trees, the rehabilitation of the walking paths, reconstruction of the entrance and tot lot.

  • Everett – Northern Strand Community Trail — $235,000 for the production of design and construction documents for the trail from the Malden line to Route 16 in Everett and a conceptual plan for the remainder of the path to the Everett-Chelsea line.

  • Haverhill — Swasey Park Renovation – $1.1 million for the first phase of renovations to a 14-acre park built for millworkers and their families over 100 years ago. When complete, the park will have a new accessible perimeter path, an attractive main entrance, a small accessible water spray park, new back stops, team benches, bleachers and infields at each baseball field and a new surface for the basketball court.

  • Lynn — Lynn Commons Rehabilitation – $210,000 for the services of a surveyor, architect, landscape architect and civil engineer to produce construction documents for the rehabilitation of the historic Frederick Douglass Bandstand and immediate surroundings on Lynn Commons.


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