NoBo’s Favorite Places to Watch the Super Bowl

By Keith Spencer

It’s always one of the most-watched televised events, and we know many of you may already be looking for the best place to park yourself to watch this year’s Super Bowl. Should the Patriots make their way into the NFL’s biggest game of the season, consult NoBo’s list of favorite places to watch this year’s game and the reason why.

5. Fly or take that road trip to Indianapolis you never planned on making!

I don’t know many people who consciously choose Indianapolis as a vacation destination, but the Super Bowl is certainly going to garner the city some attention this February as they host this year’s NFL championship. If the price is right and you manage to snag some tickets, hop in the car or on a plane to Indianapolis to catch the game live and in person.

4. The Great Sports Bars of Boston

Whether it’s Game On on Landsdowne or the Greatest Bar on Friend Street, or any of the historic pubs along Causeway street heading into one of the big name sports bars in the city is an obvious choice to have a great time for the Super Bowl. With dozens of TV’s, massive screens, and large crowds, these places are always sure to be a great time.

3. In the shadow of Gillette Stadium at Patriot’s Place

Should the Patriots be attending the Super Bowl, hundreds of New England fans from around the region are sure to flock to Foxboro to take in the game at Patriot’s Place. Who wouldn’t want to stand in the shadow of Gillette Stadium while watching our team capture yet another championship?

2. If you’re planning on partying, the neighbor’s casa is su casa

Surely one of the best places to catch the game is at your neighbor’s house. Within walking distance, you’ll be able to enjoy the game without worrying about who will drive all while getting the chance to work off that extra helping of nachos that totally goes against your New Year’s diet on the way back and forth to the party.  Remember to bring an appetizer, add to the stockpile of beverages and try to help clean up a little.  You will have to see your neighbors again.  Face-painting optional of course.

1. If you’re planning on partying, Go local, but get out of your house!

I understand the inclination to say that staying home is the way to go, but it’s certainly not if you’re planning on spending the evening with friends or family. Who wants to do the prep and cleanup work, especially if our beloved New England Patriots make it all the way? You never get the chance to enjoy the game, so take a look around your neighborhood or in your town center – there are some hidden gems in the NoBo region, Shooters or Stewarts in Everett, My Honey Fitz in Malden Center, Park Street Pub or Dylan’s Bar and Grill in Andover Center, and the Horseshoe Grill in North Reading. These places have plenty of TV’s great pub fare, good people and best of all, it’s probably not that far from home, so you can still see all the post-bowl specials.


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