The New Bucci’s Deli and Pizzeria: A NoBo Restaurant Review

By Keith Spencer

My love affair with Bucci’s dates back to the mid 90’s when I would stop into the local deli and market when walking home after school each day.

The employees, many parents of my own friends from school and the neighborhood, had truly cared for us kids that stopped in each and every afternoon. Treating and watching out for us at times as if they were our own parents.

When Bucci’s closed after changing hands a number of times, I was personally quite disappointed to lose such a friendly local business that I had frequented for so many years.

After eventually moving across the street from where the business had once thrived, I watched as the building sat unoccupied for months which turned into years.

In 2010, alongside his nephew and partner Carmine DiBattista, the original Bucci brough back the deli in a bigger and better way than ever. From the complete renovations of the store to a revamped menu, Bucci’s is continuing old traditions while welcoming a new generation of customers

Providing the same friendly service I had come to know and love in my childhood, the deli is still serving up a full line of cold cuts, sandwiches, subs and fresh-baked breads that capture the essence of everything Bucci’s stands for.

Better yet, they’re still providing locals with some of the tastiest options for great buffet catering, hot entres, and appetizers.

To name just a few things they’ve added to the menu would be difficult, but customers must undoubtedly try a pizza made in their state of the art brick pizza oven. From the buffalo chicken to the white Roman, each is unique and delicious in their own way, and showcase how appetizing their new menu is.

They now also offer marinated wings in four flavors at value prices. Whether you choose BBQ, honey BBQ, teriyaki or buffalo, there’s now wrong way to wing it at Bucci’s.

To say that I’ve tried a few different things from there would certainly be an understatement, but what I can say undoubtedly is that Bucci’s is some of the greatest food you’ll get in the city.

Do you love Bucci’s too? Like their page on Facebook or write your own review Bucci’s on Yelp!

Bucci’s is open Monday through Thursday from 10AM to 8PM, Fridays from 10AM to 8PM, Saturdays from 8AM to 8PM, and Sunday for catering pick-ups only.

Bucci’s Deli and Pizzeria is located at 100 Summer Street in Everett. To place a local delivery or a catering order, please call 1-857-363-2640. Visit their website for more information.

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