The Magic of Elm Street Bakery: A NoBo Restaurant and Recipe Review

By Keith Spencer

When you ask most people about the city of Everett, there’s always a few recurring thoughts that come to mind. They mention the city’s love for their schools and the Everett Crimson Tide. They discuss their industrial history and urban atmosphere. They recall the many sub shops, pizza parlors, and hair salons that dot the commercial streets of the city.

Many will recall their love for one of the best local bakeries in the Commonwealth, Elm Street Bakery. While we know it may not necessarily fall under the category of restaurant, this local shop is worth reviewing.

Located in the Woodlawn neighborhood near the city’s border of Chelsea and Revere, there’s hardly a resident of Everett or the NoBo region who hasn’t at least heard of the local landmark. Forget about travelling into the North End and waiting in the daily, long lines at Mike’s Pastry on Hanover Street.

As the residents of Everett have grown up and dispersed across the region, state, and nation, many come back to visit the bakery that was like no other they had come across in their travels. My own family learned this lesson when relocating to Florida in 2005.

In other areas of the country, you simply can’t get the delicious cookies, pastries, pies, and cakes so readily available on Elm Street.

Growing up in a home where my mother decorated cakes for a living, I was never really a huge fan of desserts, yet the delectable treats available at Elm Street are simply like no other.

When you walk through their doors, the small is overwhelming and often brings customers back to the first time the wonderful aroma entered their memory.

Whether you need a load of fresh scali bread, some pizza bagels or calzones for the kids, or a cake made with their very own fresh whipped cream frosting, Elm Street has everything to satisfy your hunger for sustenance or something sweet.

What makes it even better is that their prices are affordable when considering how costly and downright disgusting desserts from the supermarket often taste.

I’m always amazed at how much more I purchase than what I initially intended when first entering the cozy storefront.

From their delicious treats to the friendly service you’re sure to receive each and every time you visit, NoBo knows that Elm Street Bakery is more than just another business in the City of Everett. It’s an institution.

We couldn’t recommend their products more, and we hope they continue to provide the residents of Everett and the entire NoBo region with the best, baked goods available for years to come.

Elm Street Bakery is located at 173 Elm Street in Everett, MA. Parking is available in the back of the store. When ordering or looking for items during the holiday season, be sure to call ahead. Lines are guaranteed to be long during this busiest times of year.

They currently do not operate a website, Facebook, or Twitter account, however, you can promote this local business by writing your own review of Elm Street Bakery by visiting their Yelp page.

For more information or to place an order, please call (617) 389-1403.

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