Everett’s American Revolution Heroes

By Keith Spencer

Several members of the South Malden (Everett) militia served heroically in the American Revolution, from Massachusetts Bay to New Jersey. Captains Benjamin Blaney, Jonathan Oakes, and Daniel Waters.


Captain Benjamin Blaney took part the April 19 campaign and the defense of the Penny Ferry while later joining George Washington’s army after marching with some of his men to New Jersey. Blaney eventually assumed the responsibility of guarding captured British soldiers.

Captain Jonathan Oakes was the commander of eighty sailors on a ten-gun ship called “Hawke”. Sailing alongside several other American vessels to Halifax, Canada, the Hawke took part in a naval battle and narrowly escaped capture, although many of his companion ships were not as clever. The Hawke would go on to capture six British ships, and Oakes would take command of three other warships.

Captain Daniel Waters was a sailor who recorded movements of British ships and soldiers headquartered in Boston. Waters would go on to be thanked personally by George Washington for his role in the capture of four British transport ships, a major strategic success for the colonists. Waters lived in a home located at the corner of Chelsea and Ferry Streets.


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