Everett Inaugural marks third term for Mayor Carlo DeMaria

By Keith Spencer

EVERETT – The biannual Everett Inaugural Ceremony was held on Tuesday night, marking the beginning of Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s third term and fifth year at the helm.

“Throughout the last four years we have been assembling the pieces that will keep Everett growing, keep Everett healthy and create a dynamic vision of our community that we can all believe in,” said DeMaria.

DeMaria outlined his administration’s accomplishments in the twenty-minute speech, receiving eighteen rounds of applause throughout the address. The address centered around the economic development and stabilization of the city’s finances, noting that the city’s 2012 operating costs were just $150,000 more than when the Mayor took office in 2008.

“We’re maintaining this budget amount, through attrition, without layoffs and through creative ways of maintaining services for our residents, despite increasing costs,” DeMaria noted. “While the world economy is still shaky, we are finding proactive and creative ways to protect our assets.”

“While we know the people of Everett deserve the finest quality services, we are continually looking for the best way to decrease our expenses.”

As he has done on the campaign trail and during his previous terms, DeMaria vowed to continue fighting blight, restore dignity to the community’s neighborhoods and parks, and hold absentee landlords and mortgage companies accountable for their property.

“Since day one of this administration, we have worked to address the significant challenges in our neighborhoods,” DeMaria said. “Our neighborhoods and our residents are far too valuable to sacrifice to absentee landlords and troublesome neighbors.

“Properties of habitual offenders, with trash, abandoned cars or unwanted piles of furniture will be tracked, fined and when warranted, taken by the city. We should all be able to take pride in calling our neighborhood, our community, home.”

DeMaria also discussed various capital improvement projects, grant programs, and other services and improvements under his administration.

“Development is a huge factor in securing Everett’s future, a piece of the puzzle that takes patience and long-term vision. This year we’ll see the completion of a number of projects:our World War Two Roll Call Board, the Commercial Water Meter project, the Newly built Air Force Road and our September 11th Memorial project, just to name a few.”

DeMaria ended his speech by calling upon all residents to work together in bringing the dreams for a better Everett to fruition, noting future administrations will be the ones to carry on moving the city forward.

“We need to think beyond our terms in office, think about what Everett could and should be in the future,” DeMaria concluded. “We must consider how we will leave Everett for the next generations. So our youngest residents will grow up knowing our schools, parks, neighborhoods, businesses, programs, residents and government all contribute to Everett pride.”

The twenty-five members of the Everett City Council also took their oaths of office, including those elected to the seven-member Board of Aldermen and those elected to the 18-member Common Council. The ceremony marked the last inauguration for the Everett’s bicameral City Council after voters adopted a charter change in the November election.

Beginning in 2014, Everett will operate with a single, 11-member City Council, and the mayoral term will be extended from two to four years.

DeMaria acknowledged the major overhaul in the city government’s future, and asked his colleagues to work together over the coming two years to ensure a smooth transition.

“As we move into the future of a new government, let us leave a legacy where 25 legislators, as a bicameral form of government, the school committee, and the Mayor work to achieve a collective goal, to better Everett together,” DeMaria said.

The seven members of the Everett School Committee were also sworn into office.

DeMaria and the other elected officials were sworn in by City Clerk Michael Matarazzo who also served as the master of ceremonies for the event which was held in the Everett High School Frederick F. Foresteire Center for Performing Arts. Student musicians from Everett High School also participated in the evening’s events.

Afterward, the Board of Aldermen, Common Council, and School Committee will hold brief reorganization meetings to choose their leaders for 2012. Information resulting from these meetings is forthcoming.

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