Daniel Rizzo sworn in as Mayor of Revere

By Keith Spencer

REVERE – Public safety will be Mayor Dan Rizzo ‘s top priority now that he has taken the reigns as Mayor of the City of Revere.

“I don’t want people to just be safe, but to feel safe as well,” Rizzo said in his speech. “There have been many times where people have told me they are afraid to walk the streets they have walked for a lifetime.

Rizzo would go on to emphasize the importance of developing a pride in Revere’s residents that has been missing as of late, noting the city’s increased diversity is beneficial to its residents.

“We could learn a lot from a box of crayons. There are some that are sharp, some that are pretty and some with weird names,” Rizzo said. “However, all have learned to live together in the same box.”

Rizzo also announced that he would create a new office for Revere Citizens at city hall to help acclimate these new residents of the community, encouraging them to get involved in the many programs the city has to offer. The office will be staffed with volunteers, and supports Rizzo’s initiative to develop a constituent-friendly city hall.

Rizzo also discussed his optimism for expanded gaming, but emphasized economic development as a top priority for his administration. The Mayor hopes to create the position of economic director in order to spearhead the effort to find ways to bring more jobs to the city.

“Most of us are optimistic about the future of expanded gaming at Suffolk Downs. While casino gaming will certainly create jobs and no doubt benefit our local economy, I cannot and will not place the future of this city in the prospects of Casino gambling.

The new Mayor also thanked outgoing Mayor Tom Ambrosino for his twelve years of service to the residents of the Revere, noting his consistent “honor, dignity, and work ethic”.

“He will be remembered as a terrific leader and public servant,” Rizzo stated. “I have certainly enjoyed the relationship I have shared with Mayor Ambrosino during the last 12 years as a member of the City Council. I believe those years have been extremely productive ones.”

Rizzo also acknowledged the road to a better Revere would not be any easy one, but felt he was prepared for what still lies ahead.

“Sure, there will be challenges and in many cases, changes will have to be made. But I am pleased to report to all of you that I have never felt more prepared, or more excited about our city’s future and what I believe, will be Revere’s finest days.

A large crowd was on hand for Monday’s inaugural event which was held at Revere High School (RHS), including a number of local, state, and national officials. Both Congressman Ed Markey and Speaker of the House Representative Robert DeLeo both offered remarks.

Sgt. Daniel M. Clark of the Massachusetts State Police sang the National Anthem and “God Bless America” during the program. Student musicians from RHS also performed through out the ceremony.

Sworn into office alongside Rizzo were two new city council members: Jessica Giannino & Brian Arrigo. Incumbents Ira Novoselsky, Arthur F. Guinasso, Stephen Reardon, John Powers, Charles J. Patch Sr., Robert Haas, Jr., Anthony Zambuto & John Correggio also took their oath of office.

School committee members Michael Ferrante, Dan Maguire, Donna Wood Pruitt, Stacey A. Rizzo, Frederick A. Sannella and Carol A. Tye were also sworn in during the hour-long ceremony.

Click here to download Mayor Dan Rizzo’s 2012 Inaugural Speech

Click here to view a gallery of photos from the event

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