Everett 2012 Residential Parking Stickers Available Tuesday, January 3rd

EVERETT – Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. and Parking Clerk Paul Kelly recently announced the City of Everett would continue the practice of distributing free residential parking stickers to all residents during the month of January and February.

Stickers will be available for residents to pickup starting on January 3rd, 2012 at the Parking Clerk’s office, 1st Floor City Hall.

Residents are required to remove and bring the 2011 sticker as well as the vehicle registration.

The Parking Clerk’s office strongly recommends all residents obtain a sticker during the free giveaway period, regardless of available parking in driveways or parking garages.

Given the vast amount of construction work in the warmer months, residents may be required to move their cars if their street or sidewalk is under construction.  In many cases over the years, residents who already had a sticker could avoid an overnight parking ticket and the requirement to purchase a ticket during the year.

Starting on March 5th, residential parking stickers will return to the normal price of $10.

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