Congressman Markey: An Ode to Republicans

MALDEN – Top Democratic Congressman Edward J. Markey of Malden released a statement following House Republicans’ agreement to pass the Senate’s bipartisan compromise that would extend the payroll tax cut yesterday. In the release, Markey compares House Republicans to the Grinch, and offered a new version of the poem based on the famous Dr. Seuss tale.



“And what happened then…?

Well…in the House, they say

That the GOP’s small hearts

Grew three sizes that day!

And the minute their hearts didn’t feel quite so tight,

They called to their Tea Party in the faint evening light

And they thought of the voters

And decided at last!

And they…Republicans THEMSELVES…

Said the bill would be passed!”


The release was not all fun and games, with Markey also calling on the opposition to continue into the new year with their newly found spirit of compromise.

“With visions of 2012 voters dancing in their heads, House Republicans have finally come to their senses,” said Markey in the statement.

“As it was in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, House Republicans saw what the world would like in 2013 if they raised taxes on 160 million Americans: a world with far fewer Republicans in Congress. Let’s hope Republicans will honor this holiday season compromise in their hearts, and try to keep it all the year.”

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