DeMaria: A Special Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to Those Who Serve

A Special Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to Those Who Serve

By Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Jr.

EVERETT – As we all gather and celebrate this wonderful time of year, let’s include in our thoughts a special thank you to all the men and women who protect and serve our city on a daily basis.

From our men and women serving in the Armed Forces, to the men and women of our Police, Fire, E911 Dispatch Center and our Emergency Medical Responders.  Each year members of our local public safety offices work the holidays, many away from their family and friends, all willing to help in a moments notice.

As we think of our local men and women working on the holidays, let’s share our support of all they do, whatever the need, it’s our public safety officials that are always there for us, protecting our homes, our properties and our lives.  In the great spirit of the holidays, I want to be the first to offer my most sincere appreciations to the men and women of our public safety departments for their work during the holidays and for their service to our community all year round.

We are a great community because we have men and women who are professional, dedicated and who all proudly serve this City.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.

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