MA Crime Victims Have a New Best Friend

MASSACHUSETTS – Community VOICES has introduced its newest member, Wena, who joins the well-known victim advocacy group by way of Canine Companions for Independence.

Wena is a fully trained facility service dog is looking forward to working with crime victims by offering them comfort throughout the court process and within the community.

VOICES is “very excited” about expanding upon its victim advocacy and support by launching its Dogs Making a Difference Program.  The utilization of assistance dogs has been growing across the country, and this program will be the first of its type in Massachusetts.

Dogs can help bring about a major change in how we meet the emotional needs of all involved in the criminal justice system. The dog’s calming presence creates a more humane and efficient system that enables judges, lawyers, and staff to accomplish their work in a more positive and constructive manner.

In addition to working with victims through the court process, Wena is excited to be working within the community.  She is available for work with community service groups, child safety and internet safety events, child advocacy events.

Laurie Myers, VOICES Executive Director, attended Team Training at the Northeast Canine Companions for Independence facility in Medford, NY. During the intensive two week training, she was teamed up with Wena, a two year old Lab/Golden mix selected by Canine Companions for this type of work and for our organization.

For additional information or to meet Wena, please contact Laurie Myers at or 617-515-2079.

All Photos Courtesy of and Provided By Community VOICES.


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