Newsworthy Wrap-Up: Thursday, December 15, 2011

MASSACHUSETTS – Tragedy strikes a quiet, posh Andover neighborhood, EBT fraud in Lynn draws ire of GOP and Herald, and the state reports the lowest unemployment numbers in three years. Here’s a round-up of tonight’s NoBo Newsworthy articles and videos from around the web. Have a great evening!


1. The story has been featured in the local news for two nights, after a couple was found slain in their posh Andover home yesterday. 69-year-old John Magee and his 67-year old wife Geraldine were called to 7 Orchard Crossing where they found the affluent couple shot dead. Magee was, in fact, the developer who built the neighborhood where they lived. Their Lexus was eventually found in the North End, set ablaze. Police have no suspect.

2. While not a huge fan of the Boston Herald’s coverage, I’ve admired how they’re handling the recent EBT card fraud scandal in Lynn, especially the editorial piece featured today calling for a “taming of the beast”. Federal and Lynn police busted four convenience stores, arresting eight who are now accused of selling crack in exchange for EBT payments. I can’t help but agree that there has to be a better way to monitor how these funds are being used in order to ensure that this vital program may continue on to help those truly in need.

3. Unemployment is at a three-year low after November’s numbers were released by the Office of Labor and Workforce Development earlier today. With six of the ten private sectors adding jobs, preliminary estimates indicate an increase of 5,000 jobs in Massachusetts, with total unemployment down to 7%. This represents a .3% decrease from the October numbers, and is the lowest rate since December, 2008. It is also well below the national rate of 8.6%.



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