Newsworthy Wrap-Up: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MASSACHUSETTS -Here’s today’s round-up of local and regional stories. It’s your NoBo Newsworthy Wrap-Up!

1. The National Transportation Safety Board called for “a nationwide ban on driver use of personal electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle” today, a move that would end all calls, texts, and updates while behind the wheel. After more than 3,000 lost their lives to distraction-related accidents, the board said the move was “worth a human life”. A synopsis of the NTSB report is available, and the NTSB’s full report will be available on the website in several weeks.

2. The murder trial of a Marblehead man in Connecticut is coming to an end, charged with killing a Wesleyan University student. Stephen Morgan’s psychiatrist testified for the defense today, testifying the defendent showed signs of paranoid schizophrenia. Morgan believed the victim, Johanna Justin-Jinich of Colorado, was hacking into his computer and watching him. Prosecutors submitted emails written by Justin-Jinich showing Morgan was actually stalking and harassing her. Closing arguments are expected later this week. For more, check out NECN.

3. Today marked the 375th anniversary of the Massachusetts colonial legislature’s establishment of the country’s first, permanent National Guard regiments. These units were destined to become the oldest of the United States Army. On December 13, 1636, the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony ordered the organization of the local militia companies into the North, South and East regiments, later entering the US Continental Army in June 1775 in Cambridge. Last year, Governor Deval Patrick signed a law designating Cambridge as the official birthplace of the National Guard.

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