Still shopping? Remember these Christmas Shopping Safety Tips

EVERETT – Just because its the holiday season doesn’t mean there aren’t any Grinches out there. Especially during these difficult economic times, Christmas shoppers are experiencing far more run-ins with common thieves.

Thanks to a guide published by the Everett Police Department, residents in the north of Boston region have a few simple tips to remember in order to stay safe when shopping this holiday season.


Here are some tips to help prevent thefts when parking your vehicle at malls or other parking facilities:

– Store your valuables in the trunk or hide them under the seat if a trunk is not available. Valuables in plain view are asking to be stolen.
– Always remember where your vehicle is parked. Park in well let areas. Know your license plate number.
– Walk directly to your vehicle. Avoid Cell phone use.
– Have your keys ready when approaching your vehicle.
– Shop with others there is Safety in numbers.

Be aware of these suspicious behaviors:

– A person(s) observed looking into a parked vehicle that does not get into vehicle.
– A vehicle driving very slowly around the parking area that doesn’t appear to be parking.

If you see suspicious activity, take note of what the person or vehicle looks like and/or get a license plate number. Then, call the Everett Police Department at 617-387-1212, the other local department where you are shopping, or in case of an emergency… 9-1-1.

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