NoBo Newsworthy Wrap-Up: Monday, December 12, 2011

MASSACHUSETTS – The Governor returns to work amid controversy, data shows school meals are needed more in the suburbs, and an unreal car crash that seems straight out of a movie! This and much more in today’s NoBo Newsworthy Wrap-Up.

1. Governor Patrick returned to work today, after his visit to South America last week to bolster the Commonwealth’s economic partnerships with Chile and Brazil. After invitations were sent out, referring to the event as a “holiday tree lighting”, the Boston Herald’s Michael Graham called for the Governor to call a spade a spade. The State House is decorated with ivy, wreaths, and poinsettia, and the Governor made it official this afternoon. It’s not a “holiday tree”. It’s a Christmas Tree, and that’s what he’s always called it, blaming the confusion on staffers who sent out the invitations. The Governor will host a menorah lighting ceremony next week.

2. Students in the suburbs are eating school meals more and more, according to two articles in by Kathy McCabe from the Boston Globe. In recent years, the socioeconomic base of Saugus has shifted in its Oaklandvale School, adding a number of homeless students living in motels on Route 1. The school is now mandated to serve breakfast. In Beverly and Melrose, more students are receiving free or reduced-cost lunch, likely due to the longlasting effects of the recession.

3. According to an article in the Salem News, Dana-Farber’s holiday card collection features North Shore artists. These spirited holiday cards  include designs submitted by Peabody resident Gina Hagen and Sally Lee of Danvers. Twelve designs and greetings are showcased in this year’s festive collection.

4. A group of Malden teens were questioned by police early this morning after eight false fire alarms were pulled in downtown Malden, shortly after 1AM. Due to the the multiple alarms, firefighters responding were left confused . According to the department, Malden has lost three firefighters going to false alarms since 1849.

5. An 18-year old crashed his car into a Peabody home, leaving both bursting into flames early Sunday morning. More details have emerged about the accident, responded to by the Peabody Fire Department in the early morning hours. The driver was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital after being pulled from the vehicle by rescuers when his car flipped on its side, launched over a stone wall, and hit just left of the home’s front door. The impact was so forceful, the engine was propelled from the car onto the front lawn.

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