Goofy Gifts for the Dreadful Office Grab

Do you dread participating in the office grab each year? Hate giving the same old gift card or regifted item from that other Yankee swap you were forced into last year?

 Funtrepeneur Ashley Judge and her site has the solution: a wide array of gifts and accessories, perfect for any and all coworkers.

You won’t find your basic picture frames or gardenia-scented candles here. From handbags to headbands, kitschy novelties to handmade items, the site offers more than 365 gifts available for under $10.99 as well as a number of more expensive items that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Her site is truly an extraordinary shopping experience, with some of the most unique, never-seen-before gifts in line with today’s top trends. So check out NoBo’s Top Ten Goofy Grab Gifts!


1. The perfect gift for your controlling coworker… it’s the “Control Your Boss” Remote Control!

2. Do your colleagues miss the light of day when sitting in their cubicles? This Inflatable Window will bring some life back into the office!


3. This “Savin Up to Quit My Job” Bank can help you get out the door faster and on to bigger and better things.

4. For the forgetful staffer, these “Freudian Slips” sticky notes will keep them on task.

5. Always searching for the local takeout menus? This menu organizer is the perfect communal gift for the office.

6. Are there any offices without computers? This “Retro TV” mouse pad is perfect for that anti-technology coworker.


7. Who doesn’t love a bobblehead on their desk? This Sheldon Cooper bobblehead is perfect for the know-it-all of the office.


8. Eat-M’sare the perfect utensils for your office. Just like old-fashioned Russian stacking dolls, they stack all together and hide in your office desk.


9. A very literal interpretation of a business office grab: unisex business socks!

10. Enjoy your job breath spray, for the coworker who’s always stealing your gum.

Check out Ashley’s Five Favorite Finds currently available on, and return to NoBoMagazine for future updates on unique items for sale.

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