Tisei to Wage Aggressive, Grassroots Campaign for Congress

SIXTH DISTRICT – Most residents in the Bay State know Richard Tisei for his run to become lieutenant governor alongside Charlie Baker last year, but Tisei’s greatest work comes from his twenty-six years as a bipartisan leader on Beacon Hill. Late last month, Tisei announced he would seek to challenge Congressman John Tierney in the 6th District of Massachusetts as the Republican candidate.

As Tierney’s family’s troubles continue to crowd his spotlight, Tisei is launching “an aggressive, grassroots campaign” according to an email sent to supporters.

Despite launching an official campaign website, there is little content and opportunity to explore the candidate, however, Tisei is known by his constituents and his colleagues for his bipartisanship and eagerness to work towards a better Commonwealth.

Working as a Republican in the Massachusetts legislature is a tough enough job in itself, but Tisei’s abilities to cross over the aisle and do what is right for the voters nearly guarantees him a fair shot at beating Tierney in 2012. It has been thirteen years since a Republican congressman represented Massachusetts.

After his four-year stint as minority leader in the Senate, Tisei understands how to lead and would be a formidable representative of the newly configured Sixth District.

Tisei was raised in Wakefield, and was the youngest Republican ever elected to the state legislature. He won the 22nd Middlesex House seat in 1984 at the age of 22.

Tisei is also openly-gay, receiving little attention from the media or his own party when disclosing the information prior to his run for lieutenant governor last year.


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