In Tougher Times, Local Elderly Need Our Support

MALDEN – The elderly of our community must especially be remembered during this time of year. So many continue to remain in their home, but require urgent assistance, especially at a time where those on fixed incomes must survive on less. That’s where Mystic Valley Elder Services and the Elder Independence Fund comes into play.

This program makes it possible for older adults to receive the urgent assistance they need in order to remain living at home. Working with the elderly in the communities of Everett, Malden, Medford, Melrose, North Reading, Reading, Stoneham, and Wakefield, Mystic Valley Elder Services created this special fund because there are limits to what can be provided with state and federal funds.

It is easy enough for MVES to connect an elder to housekeeping services and Meals on Wheels and in-home nursing care, but needs that go beyond the basic services often left the elderly in the are struggling.

When they need a new mattress because their current bedding is secondhand and further damaging their health.

When they need money for a security deposit to escape an abusive living situation… it even happens to the elderly.

When a window air conditioner is needed because the heat of the summer exacerbates their breathing difficulties.

Or to simply purchase a bus ticket for a visit to an out-of-state specialist that will help alleviate some medical issue.

MVES created a solution to the problem, building the Elder Independence Fund as a way to bolster the efforts by MVES and its supporters to provide a better life for area seniors.

Support from people like you helped build and continue to sustain this fund.

Whether its an elder who hit a few bumps in the road or those who have no support, nowhere else to turn, looking for the most basic necessities.

Last year, the fund assisted forty-five seniors who required services or products and were unable to pay for them. The fund  helped elders cover their rent when their financial pressures were too much. They bought blankets to help stay warm, a stair lift for a wheelchair-reliant elder, and a pair of shoes for an elder who couldn’t afford a new set to literally stay on his feet.

When you donate to the Elder Independence Fund, you extend a lifeline. You provide support to someone so often unable to express their need without shame.

As the recession continues and more of the elderly have nowhere else to turn, MVES will continue to help, but they can’t do it along. Every single penny of your donation is tax-exempt, and will go directly to helping an elder in need.

To make a donation specifically for the Elder Independence Fund, click here. To make a general donation to Mystic Valley Elder Services, click here. For more information about MVES and their work, visit their website.

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