Veteran Designation Now Available for Licenses

MASSACHUSETTS – With Veteran’s Day later this week, Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray announced today that the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) will now offer Massachusetts veterans the option to have the word “Veteran” appear on the driver’s license or state-issued identification beginning this January.

“With over 393,000 veterans across the Commonwealth, we need to do our part to increase awareness about available resources for military servicemen and women,” said Lieutenant Governor Murray, chair of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Veterans Services.

“With the RMV already designating ‘Veterans’ on license plates, we’re now extending that designation to include state identification cards and licenses as a means to better inform these deserving men and women of services and benefits they have rightfully earned.”

No additional cost is applied for designation, as long as it is added during the renewal process, however, Standard license renewal and duplication fees apply.

According the Secretary of Veterans’ Service Coleman Nee, the designation has been a long-standing request from the Commonwealth’s veterans community.

Last week, Governor Deval Patrick declared November 2011 as “Hire a Veteran Month”.

For more information about the Department of Veterans Services:

For more information on the Massachusetts Department of Transportation RMV:

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