Christenson to Succeed Howard as Mayor of Malden

MALDEN – Ward 1 City Councilor Gary Christenson was elected to succeed Mayor Richard Howard of Malden this evening, bring the end of a sixteen-year career and the beginning of a new era in the city’s history.

“I’m truly honored to be here with you as we celebrate the dawning of a new day in Malden,” Christenson noted during an acceptance speech to an enthusiastic crowd on Tuesday evening, simulcast on UStream and Facebook.

“One thing is clear, this campaign was not about me, it was about you. Hearing your voices, encouraging your ideas, and turning your passion into action. Now, it is you who will help me move Malden forward.”

Christenson commended his opponent, Deborah Fallon, for her service as well as her family’s larger legacy in serving the residents and City of Malden. The Mayor-elect also commended his campaign staff, calling them “an amazing group of people”.

Christenson is a lifelong resident of Malden, dedicated to public service. A former member of the Malden School Committee, Christenson is currently serving on the City Council, representing the residents of Ward 1 for the last seven years. Christenson has worked hard to improve neighborhood communication and the quality of life for those in ward one and the Malden community in general.

A graduate of Suffolk University’s Masters Degree program in Public Administration and Suffolk University Law School, Gary is currently the Budget Director for the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office where he oversees a $60 million budget.

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