NoBo App of the Week: ZocDoc

By Keith Spencer

Find and read reviews about a doctor, book your appointment instantly from anywhere, and do it all for free! ZocDoc is NoBo’s app of the week, available to iPhone and Android users of the greater Boston area.

From accepted insurance programs to other relevant background information, potential patients are able to determine the best provider for them and schedule visits with the dentist or doctor of their choice. ZocDoc offers dentist, primary care, dermatologist, eye-specialist, ENT, orthopedist, OB/GYN, allergist, podiatrist, cardiologist, pediatrician, radiologist, and psychiatrist appointments.

“Just choose the kind of doctor you want, where and when you want to see the doctor, and your insurance. ZocDoc will then give you a list of doctors close by and times they have available for appointments that you can book right in the app. No need to call the doctor’s office and wait on hold!”

While the service is free for patients, doctors pay a $250 monthly fee to use the service which is available in 11 cities nationwide. The site initially launched in 2007 specifically targeting dentists.

According to a Boston Herald article, 40% of users get appointments for doctors within 24 hours of booking. The stat jumps to 60% when the time frame is extended up to three days. ZocDoc claims the average wait time is nearly fifty days when booking appointments through traditional manners.

Try it now for free on your Android or iPhone or book online. ZocDoc can also be followed on Twitter.


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