NoBo’s App of the Week: Society6 Daily Art

By Jeannine Stanley

While I’m the first to freely admit that my artistic talents are limited to those of a six year old, I also know what I like when it comes to what I think is the perfect piece of art.

As I prepare to move into a new apartment in just weeks, I’ve been on the hunt for a few unique pieces of art that will help capture more or less who I am. In my quest, I stumbled upon this site and this application that helped solve all my problems. takes the hassle out of purchasing expensive canvases that lack the personality essential in wall and accessory décor, while the Society6 Daily Art App available for free on the iPhone allows users to scan and download artistic works as wallpapers.

When visiting the website, view hundreds of thousands of pieces from original artists, choosing their favorites to purchase in the form of gallery-sized prints, iPhone cases, or a fresh graphic tee.

The site offers struggling or established artists a major platform to promote and sell their art at a fair profit. While Society6 may not be Museum of Fine Arts, it is surely a suitable place for the average Bostonian hipster to find a modern, edgier piece for their dorm, apartment, home, or office and for far less than your local framing store.

My friends and I have literally spent hours talking and scanning through the artwork over the last several weeks. Some are quite thought provoking, while others are simply visually stimulating. Some reference pop culture, while others just seem trendy or kitschy.

From hipsters to new homeowners or college kids to design snobs, shoppers out there looking for “the perfect piece” to hang over their couch or place on their next graphic tee are sure to find something at Society6.

To save a picture, just simply click the first button on the bottom toolbar of the application and use the left and right arrow keys for quick scrolling. The simple user interface makes the app easy to use and a pleasant experience. The app is available for free in the iTunes store.

Visit to browse a wide-selection of graphics and photos to create your next piece of art. Follow Society6 on Twitter and Facebook.

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