Top An extraordinary shopping experience

By Keith Spencer

NORTH OF BOSTON – Whimsical, customer-oriented, and bacon. Three words the Funtrepeneur Ashley Judge believes best describe her online venture, Offering gifts and accessories that can accommodate any budget and occasion, the site is truly an extraordinary shopping experience offering some of the most unique, never-seen-before gifts in line with many of today’s top trends.

What does it take for an item to make it on

“I have to giggle when I see it for the first time,” says Judge who works with dozens of artists to ensure her gift selection is a unique, edited blend of handmade as well as big name items.

Why should someone consider visiting this site rather than another online vendor or a trendy shop in your hip, local suburb?

You won’t find your basic picture frames or gardenia-scented candles here. From handbags to headbands, kitschy novelties to handmade items, the site offers more than 275 gifts available for under $10.99 as well as a number of more expensive items that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

With a background in political event planning and absolutely no experience in retail, Judge has learned everything about e-commerce and small business management on her own.

Judge launched the site to satisfy her desire to share the most incredible, undiscovered products she was finding online as well as those from artists and retailers across the region, nation, and world.

Customer-service is at the heart of how the site and Judge herself function. The long distance relationship created by the online experience simply won’t prevent Judge from making sure each and every one of her shoppers is satisfied.

“Life is stressful, but absolutely nothing about the site is. If at any moment somebody isn’t happy, we are going to work at it until they are thrilled.”

Yet she encourages rather than deters her shoppers from checking out “the love child of other small business owners”, whether online or in your local downtown shopping area.

“If there is a quirky little shop in your town, go ahead and shop them too! There is enough awesome to go around.”

Judge is also planning to launch a maternity safe nail polish line, Knocked Up Nails, this fall in addition to another online, retail site, UnBaskets, where she plans to offer “the antithesis to the cheesy, outdated gift basket options” currently available online.

After her recent success, Judge began to blog about her experiences on another site, where she admits to having no MBA or corporate experience, but notes she has “the audacity to assume all of her ideas are fabulous and worth exploring”.

It’s clear that she must be doing something right. As of August 15, 2011, Judge has sold more than 8,500 gifts this year, including 195 custom pillows, 162 boxes of bacon popcorn, and 116 rainbow monkey bandages.

“Bacon is our most popular gift trend by a landslide, and the very notion that bacon popcorn is one of our bestsellers paints a picture about the heart and soul of”


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