A New Vision for Everett Square Honors City’s 9/11 Victims

By Keith Spencer

EVERETT – With the ten-year anniversary of September 11th just a month away, Everett’s Mayor Carlo DeMaria and his wife are spearheading efforts to add a memorial fountain in the city’s square to honor two residents lost in the attacks.

“The Trentini’s were both respected educators and cherished neighbors. A memorial in their honor and in the honor of all of the victims of 9/11 will serve to remind us of what we have lost and will educate future generations forever,” said DeMaria in a prepared statement.

“We were discussing future beautification plans when Stacy [DeMaria’s wife] brought up the idea of a 9/11 memorial park in front of the library,” the Mayor notes in his statement.

The Mayor and Mrs. DeMaria are currently pursuing corporate support to construct the entire project, which will include a fountain, a reading park, and other common areas.

“This is a fun, exciting and major change to the look of the square.”

The Mayor’s Office of Community Development has enlisted the services of Katharyn Hurd, a student at the Harvard University School of Urban Design, who is currently serving a summer fellowship with the city.

Hurd brings public and private sector design expertise in urban planning, and is assisting with the city’s open space strategy. Her current research at Harvard focuses on waterfront reuse and open space development on brownfield sites.

DeMaria also noted his focus on bringing change to the economic landscape of the square as well.

“We have some great retail, banking and professional services right in the heart of Everett square,” says Mayor DeMaria, “I believe Everett Square can have more shops, restaurants, and greater use of office space.

The city recently hired the services of the Community Design Resource Center of Boston (CDRC) to help connect professional resources, and ultimately provide a streetscape study and urban design/signage report.

After a series of community meetings this fall, residents and businesses should see major efforts to improve the square by the spring of 2012.

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