Classic Literature Becomes Affordable Art

By Keith Spencer

I have to admit that I was never too keen on using Twitter. After deleting a previous account, I recently returned to the now revolutionary social network with the launch of NoBo. Much to my chagrin, this connectivity has introduced me to dozens of new and intriguing companies along the way, Postertext being a fine an example of one.

The company sells posters comprised of your favorite book’s text, arranged to depict a memorable scene in a crisp, silhouette image that’s captivating. From Homer’s the Odyssey to Twain’s Tom Sawyer, the majority of the company’s current collection is derived from classic literature, however, they will consider requests to move up your favorite book in their current queue.

Perfect for your home office, reading room, or if you’re lucky enough, a personal library, viewers with normal eyesight should be able to read the text according to the site’s FAQ section. Currently printed on satin finish paper, the company hopes to offer  museum quality canvas prints in the near future.

Their ten most popular products are The Great Gatsby, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Pride and Prejudice, Moby Dick, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Ulysses, Peter Pan, and The Metamorphosis.

With new releases, including Don Quixote, Wuthering Heights, and Anne of Green Gables, the company has also recently reduced postage rates to the United States from nearly $20 to $7.50, however, these prints remain costlier than the average poster found at your local art store in the mall, ranging from $20-40.

For more information, visit the Postertext website, follow them on Twitter, or check out their blog.


The Great Gatsby, the top-selling Postertext product


Alice in Wonderland, a top-selling Postertext product

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