In This Week’s Everett Independent

Published May 4, 2011

In a not so surprising move, City Councilor Peter Napolitano officially announced his candidacy for the office of Mayor n this week’s Everett Independent. The Cottage Street resident has raised his profile over the last few years with . The announcement definitely adds some spice to an election that was tasting quite to sweet to two-term Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Jr.

In other news, the Independent examined the work of the Everett Charter Commission. The proposed “historic changes” will continue to be examined over the coming months, appearing as a ballot question in this November’s election. Check out NoBo’s editorial on the subject in the Perspectives section.

The paper also reports on this week’s announcements by Senator Sal DiDomenico and Representative Stephen “Stat” Smith that state aid will increase to the schools while aid benefiting city services will decrease, however, when the math is all said and done, taxpayers will end up seeing a $500,000 increase for everyone.

As always, the Independent also has coverage of the Mayor’s office, their request for proposals by parties interested in the former Everett High School, and the wide world of Everett sports. To download a pdf of this week’s issue, click here. To visit the Everett Independent Website, click here.

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